Dinosaur Trackway Tours


- Wolverine Tour - one hour

- Wolverine Lantern Tours at dusk

- Cabin Pool Tour – two hours


Tour Description:
Summer tours are offered are offered to two sites via hiking trails: the Flatbed trackways and the Wolverine tracksite. The Flatbed tour takes about two hours, and the Wolverine tour is shorter. One unique feature is the Wolverine lantern night tour – nothing like it is offered anywhere else in the world. The low angled lantern light brings out footprints which are hardly visible by day, and the ambience is ethereal, with the Wolverine River rushing by, and dinosaur sounds (or scientists’ best guesses at them) playing in the background.


Tours start/conclude at the Dinosaur Discovery Gallery (255 Murray Drive).
Own transportation required.
Contact information & photo id required before tour commences.
Trails are steep in places.
Please wear comfortable hiking footwear, and consider bringing water, snacks, insect repellant and sunscreen. Ask about special family and school rates.


Tours to the track sites are offered Thursday - Monday each week in July and August. Please see the schedule below for times of specific tours.
The maximum number of participants for a tour will be 12, any larger groups will be split up.


Tour names, schedule and pricing are as follows:


Cabin Pool Day Tours
11:00am, Thursday-Monday

Wolverine Lantern Tours
(pre-booking only)
10:00pm, Thursday-Monday

Wolverine Day Tours
2:00pm, Thursday-Monday

Ages 5-18
Ages 5 & under
(with parent or guardian)
Family Group up to 5
School Groups
Trackway Tour Only
Education, Gallery
and Tour Package

To book a tour: call (250) 242-DINO [3466] or e-mail dinotour@prprc.com