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Summer Day Camps run through July and August. Schedule coming soon!

Before You Book

We have two Day Camp Themes: Dinosaur Day Camps and Northern Wilderness Camps!

In Dinosaur Day Camps, kids (ages 7 – 13) learn the same skills used by actual palaeontologists to find, clean, and learn about fossils! Kids experience hands-on learning with:

  • How to prepare fossils,
  • How to make museum quality copies of fossils,
  • How to excavate a dinosaur,
  • Outdoor science-themed games,
  • Visits to local track sites,
  • Fun and informative presentations on British Columbia’s dinosaurs and other fossils, famous palaeontologists, and more!

In Northern Wilderness Camps, kids learn about BIOLOGY, a foundational science in palaeontology! Our palaeontologists are also biologists! Kids experience hands-on learning with:

  • Neighbourhood bird-watching trips,
  • Owl pellet exploration and the food web,
  • Wetland ecosystems,
  • Nature scavenger hunts, and more!in

To reserve a spot in the Dinosaur and Northern Wilderness Camps, please call 250-242-3466, email or complete the form below:

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